PRIME Highway 6 Visibility AD spaces, 6’x6’ Available facing

North or South (towards Clifton or Waco)

Design and printing of billboard banner/panel & artwork is at Advertiser’s cost.

Advertiser may choose which available spot they want to hang banner/panel.

* ALL ad spaces are 6 ft x 6 ft (banner or panel, advertisers choice) or specified.

In the event of removal to a panel or banner due to weather, wear and tear, damage or is unreadable, etc, Non- Profit BARK INC will remove the banner/panel and the Advertiser will be contacted. The Advertiser will be required to replace with another advertising banner/panel within 30 days. Advertiser must meet the term of the contract to secure their billboard spot.

a. Advertiser may terminate this contract upon Board approval by written request (letter or email). Allow 30 days for this request to be processed. Contract termination due to insufficient funds is the only circumstance under which the contract will be terminated without a board approval. Definition of insufficient funds will be 30 days with no payment or renewal.

b. Non-Profit BARK INC reserves the right to discontinue rights under this contract and resell the billboard space if sums due under this contract are not paid.

c. BARK will allow any banner/sign instructed to hang by Advertiser. BARK will mount the sign and maintain responsibility to the billboard structure only.

d. Please send any written requests to PO Box 264, Clifton TX 76634 or email [email protected]

Our billboard is located on sight and offers 8 spots,

4 6’x6’ facing North (going towards Clifton)

4 6’x6’ facing South (going towards Waco)